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Weyls Peters + Chuparkoff, LLC has served the northeast Ohio and surrounding areas, as experts in commercial law, for over 20 years. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge and applied experience to help our clients with commercial law. We provide full-service legal counsel, in commercial law, for small businesses, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations during whatever phase of operation the business may be at.

Commercial law focuses on the sale and distribution of goods, as well as financing of certain transactions. Commercial law provides the rules that merchants and others involved in commerce must follow as they conduct business amongst themselves and with consumers. It governs the sales of goods and services, negotiable instruments, security interests, leases, principal and agent relationships, contracts of carriage, and much more. In a broad sense, commercial law also encompasses related issues like business bankruptcy and tax planning.

The attorneys at Weyls Peters + Chuparkoff, LLC can help your business every step of the way. Our goal is to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes. If you are looking for a local firm to serve your business in commercial law, contact us today.

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